Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To give a brief introduction to the blog...

I am a student interning with Amnesty International this semester. I am interested in sustainable development in low and middle income countries and hope to study in India this spring to further my understanding of development through the lens of environmentalism and social justice. I have spent the past two years focusing my studies in the field of development on the protection human rights and civil liberties in international relations, paying special attention to the role of the media in promoting or preventing the success of HR issues.

Interning with AI this fall gives me an amazing opportunity to experience the advocacy work I am interested in, in the protection of human rights. I will be updating this blog each week during my internship, bringing attention to AI and other human rights campaigns or commenting on HRs issues in the news. My views do not represent the opinion of Amnesty International, nor is this blog associated with Amnesty International. I am excited to have my own tiny media venue to bring attention to international issues I feel are important and i hope you will enjoy my blog!

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